It is a big challenge to link scientists and practitioners in a continuously growing global context and also a fundamental part of the Osteology Foundation’s mission: promoting research and education in oral tissue regeneration worldwide.

With this in mind, the Osteology Foundation has set up the novel Global Osteology Community Platform THE BOX, which on the one hand provides information and tools, but on the other also connects scientists and practitioners worldwide and supports all existing activities of the Osteology Foundation online.


THE BOX is the Global Osteology Community Platform - the one place to go for all researchers and practitioners in regenerative dentistry. THE BOX offers a broad range of information and tools for science and practice, and easy access to all educational and research activities of the Osteology Foundation.

Registered users of THE BOX can submit applications for grants and scholarships, join groups of researchers and practitioners, and establish networks to link with colleagues from all over the world. Everything can be easily accessed and sorted through the customizable My Box cockpit – and registration and usage are free of charge!

We are constantly developing THE BOX, working on new tools and content. So please, come back regularly to see what’s new - a lot of exciting things are in preparation!




THE BOX and its content are planned and created by an international team of young, but already renowned scientists and practitioners in the field of oral regeneration.