Osteology Research Prize Winners 2016

A key task of the Osteology Foundation is the promotion of research, and also the transfer of the results to practice. This is why research also played an important role at the International Symposium in Monaco. Research Prizes were awarded for Basic and Clinical Research.

The Osteology Research Prizes at the International Osteology Symposium Monaco 2016 were awarded to the following people:

Basic Research 

  • 1st place: Fabian Duttenhoefer, Germany
  • 2nd place: Vanessa Sousa, UK
  • 3rd place: Jung-Ju Kim, South Korea

Clinical Research 

  • 1st place: Ernest Rojo, Spain
  • 2nd place: Hyun-Chang Lim, South Korea
  • 3rd: Thomas De Bruyckere, Belgium 

All abstracts from the presentations at the Research Forum as well as the posters of the presenters can be accessed online on on THE BOX.

Poster Audience Award

The Audience Poster Award received Rustam Aghazada, Italy.

This prize was awarded for the first time, and based on an online voting for the posters on THE BOX


Winners of Osteology Research Prizes and Audience Award with Kristian Tersar (Osteology Foundation, far left) and William Giannobile (Science Committee Chairman, far right): Rustam Aghazada, Hyun-Chang Lim, Fabian Duttenhoefer, Vanessa Sousa, Jung-Ju Kim, Ernest Rojo (from left to right, Thomas De Bruyckere is missing).