New Large Clinical Grants Programme


The Osteology Foundation calls for applications for the new Large Clinical Grants. The program aims to support hypothesis driven clinical research by well-established research groups with demonstrated clinical research expertise.

There are two stages in the application process: 

Stage 1

Applicants can submit an abstract of their proposed project by 15 November. The Osteology Science Committee selects projects which then progress to the next stage.

Stage 2

Applicants are invited to submit their full application. The submissions are then evaluated for potential funding by the Osteology Science Committee.

Study types

Research types falling within the scope of the Osteology Foundation are for example:

  • RCT (also small multi centres) and quasi RCT
  • Case controlled studies
  • Prospective cohort studies
  • Surgical techniques (also in combination with biologics, drugs and devices) – e.g.:
  • Biologics
  • Dugs (also e.g. phase I / phase II - pilot studies, proof of principle)
  • Devices (also e.g. phase I / phase II - pilot studies, proof of principle)
  • Combination products

Who can apply?

Well-established research groups that demonstrated clinical research expertise.

Amount of funding

Grants are limited to 350’000 Swiss Francs with a maximum project duration of three years.

Awarding criteria

  • Hypothesis answering a clinical research question relevant to the field of oral and maxillofacial regeneration
  • Methodology
  • Facilities and expertise to conduct a GCP study
  • Sound and transparent budget

Application guidelines

Apply now!