Meet the Osteology Research Scholars 2016

Four young researchers from three different countries will start their scholarships from the Osteology Foundation in 2016. They will spend one year at one of the Osteology Scholarship centres, working on different research projects. Find out who they are, and what they expect from this year.


Ryo Aizawa from Japan

University of Bern, Switzerland (Daniel Buser)

“I am mostly interested in exploring the novel things in scientific fields such as ‘bone Formation’. I would like to learn how to study ‘from bench to clinic’ in the laboratory, combining clinical study with fundamental researches at a high level.”​


Wataru Hatakeyama from Japan

Harvard School of Dental Medicine in Boston, USA (David Kim)

“I have a PhD from the Iwate Medical University, Japan. My main research area is tissue regeneration and bone substitute materials. I will do my best during the scholarship year in Boston. I really looking forward to meaningful life in Harvard, Boston.”




Jae Kook Cha from South Korea

University Complutense in Madrid, Spain (Mariano Sanz)

“My areas of interest lie in the field of bone regeneration and newly developed materials. I am happy to get an opportunity to work with research team in Madrid. This will be a milestone of my research career."


Ausra Ramanauskaite from Lithuania

Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf, Germany (Jürgen Becker, Frank Schwarz)

"The main field of my research is peri-implant pathology. Together with the leading expert professor Frank Schwarz I am intending to conduct studies that would answer the so far unanswered questions in the area of peri-implant pathology. I am impatiently waiting for the Osteology Research Scholarship year to start".




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