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With 30 participants from 10 countries, the Osteology Research Academy in Lucerne started today. In this one-week intensive course, they will receive a comprehensive overview on most of the aspects of pre-clinical and clinical studies required by new researchers.

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A new case was made public by Molly Oster check it out here.


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❓❓ Do you have a question in mind that you've always wanted to ask a GBR expert like Nikolaos Donos? Here's your chance: He will hold a webinar about GBR on 14 October 2019 - ask your question now and he will answer it in the webinar.

You can find out more about the Oral Regeneration Topic here ➡️ https://www.osteology.org/education/oral-regeneration-topic/


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A new case was made public by Gian Maria Ragucci check it out here.

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A new case was made public by Chao Ji check it out here.


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A new case was made public by Nimish Nimeya check it out here.


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Submit your GBR case now on THE BOX and win a free registration for one of the six National Osteology Symposia in 2020!

Follow the link below for further information!



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A new case was made public by Mihir Kulkarni check it out here.


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🔊🔊Do you want to win a copy of "Oral Regeneration in a Nutshell"?

Just go to http://www.oral-regeneration.org/win/ and follow the instructions.


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Ibrahim Ozbolat from Penn State University received a $75'000 Osteology Researcher Grant from the Osteology Foundation. His work focusses on bioprinting bone with the aim of transferring the technology to clinical and surgical settings. Follow the link below to learn more about his research project.