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The Osteology Foundation provides scholarships for young researchers at different Osteology Research Scholarship centres once a year. Read more about the expectations of the new 2020/2021 scholars for the upcoming year.

➡️ https://www.osteology.org/media/news/detail/news/the-20202021-osteology-foundation-scholars-are-ready/


Osteology Foundation

Anton Sculean invites you to his webinar about Periodontal Regeneration on 24 September at 19:00 CET. You can join the webinar via THE BOX or via Zoom. CE credits can only be collected by joining the webinar via THE BOX.



Osteology Foundation

🎙🎙 Legends of Oral Regeneration - the new podcast episode with Daniel Buser in conversation with Anton Sculean is out now! Check it out and learn what's behind Daniel Buser’s quote "We had no clue how to treat those patients!".



Osteology Foundation

Ausra Ramanauskaite attended the Osteology Research Academy in Lucerne in 2014. Listen to her and find out what she took with her from that time, and which role the Osteology Research Guidelines have played in her research to this day.


Osteology Foundation

Jae-Kook Cha takes us back to 2016, the year of his first Osteology Foundation success. Learn how his Osteology Foundation story continues to this day and his most recent success with the Foundation on our website by the link below.



Osteology Foundation

🎥🎥 A big thank you to all the participants, speakers and people who have been involved in the successful Virtual Osteology Research Academy. You find all recordings and the on demand content on THE BOX under “Symposia” or follow the link below.



Osteology Foundation

Today, a new podcast “Legends of Oral Regeneration” with Daniel Buser and Anton Sculean was recorded in Bern. It will be published soon. You can find all our published podcasts on Spotify, Apple Podcast and on our website.

Podcast Buser_Sculean_0.jpg

Avita Rath

Lovely, informative, concise and light-hearted. It was yet another fruitful insight by the sifus of regeneration. Heartfelt thanks

Osteology Foundation

Day 2 of the Virtual Osteology Research Academy starts in 30 minutes! Join us here: https://box.osteology.org/Symposia/PublicSymposium?symposiaId=32#programFull

Osteology Foundation

Virtual Osteology Research Academy will be live in 25 minutes! Join us here: https://box.osteology.org/Symposia/PublicSymposium?symposiaId=32#programFull