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The upcoming Oral Regeneration Topic is Periodontal Regeneration. Be ready for Anton Sculean’s webinar and the Key Publication interview with Pierpaolo Cortellini. More information will follow soon. Until then you can check out all past topics and recordings on THE BOX. Follow the link below.



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For the first time the biannual Osteology Board meeting is held virtually. The Foundation Board discusses past events, improvements, upcoming projects and much more. Stay tuned!

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Adelina Plachokova-Damyanova takes us back to 2007, when her Osteology journey first started by applying for an Osteology Researcher Grant. Read about her success story, the development of her 2013 pioneering study and her tip for young researchers: “Research is teamwork” by following the link.



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On 8 April 2020, Lisa Heitz-Mayfield held her webinar focusing on the Oral Regeneration Topic “Peri-Implantitis” on THE BOX moderated by Jae Kook Cha. Lisa answered the remaining questions, as it was not possible due to time constraints during the live webinar.

Check out all the questions and Lisa’s expert answers on our website under “Media” and “News” or by the following link. There you also find information on how to access the recording of the webinar on THE BOX, the publication “Implant Disease Risk Assessment IDRA–a tool for preventing peri‐implant disease” by Lisa J. A. Heitz‐Mayfield, Fritz Heitz and Niklaus P. Lang and the webinar with Lisa Heitz-Mayfield about “Peri-implantitis: Decision-making in clinical practice”.



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Congratulations to the winner of the poster audience award of the Virtual Osteology Symposium Sydney with 20 LIKES: Eman Elhassan with «Clinical and Microbiological evaluation of one-stage full mouth disinfection in conjunction with systemically administered azithromycin in treatment of moderate to severe chronic periodontitis: A double blinded, randomised clinical trial». Check out all posters on THE BOX by following the link.


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The Virtual Osteology Symposium Sydney was a great success. Thanks to all the participants, speakers and people who have been involved in this online event. Do not worry if you were not able to attend the whole Symposium. Find all recordings and the on-demand content on THE BOX under “Symposia” or follow the link below.



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🏆🏆And the award of the Research Session at the Virtual Osteology Symposium Sydney goes to...

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Dr Shaun Lajevardi Dr Shaun Lajevardi Well done to both winners, Faustino and Marina :)
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Torben Hackl Congratulations to our two deserving winners from Australia!

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Watch the video below to find out who the winner of the Case Session at the Virtual Osteology Symposium Sydney is. Congratulations!


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Steven Soukoulis Well done Chi Han it was an incredible display of surgical and periodontal skill!
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Jean-marie Praz Thx to all perfect

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A new case was made public by Pablo Urrutia check it out here.

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Virtual Osteology Symposium Sydney will be live in 30 minutes! Join us here: https://box.osteology.org/Symposia/PublicSymposium?symposiaId=28#programFull